Validated Instruments

Study instruments and tools must be provided at the time of protocol submission. Information that establishes the validity of the instrument/tool should be included in the protocol.

Information about the validation of study tools assists the IRB in its deliberations about the scientific validity of the proposed study.

Additional Considerations: Study Instruments That Ask Sensitive Questions"

Study instruments that include sensitive information - questions about alcohol/illicit drug use, aggressive/violent behavior and/or illegal behavior - can place subjects at risk. The IRB will usually require that investigators obtain a Certificate of Confidentiality to ensure that risks to subjects are minimized for the following instruments:

  • Child Behavior Checklist - Youth Self-Report (CBCL-YSR) which includes questions about alcohol use and aggression;
  • Pediatric Sleep Questionnaire (PSQ) which includes alcohol use, theft and aggression;
  • Psychological Assessment Tool (PAT)
  • Survey of Well-Being of Young Children (SWYC)
  • K-SADS-PL with includes questions about alcohol, tobacco and PTSD symptoms.
  • M.I.N.I. - MINI International Psychiatric Interview. Note: This instrument also requires the consent of all subjects 14 years and older

Accepted Validated Measures

To minimize effort and to avoid duplication, the IRB provides a listing of study measures that are considered validated and for which, the CTRC maintains a copy. In addition, tests not maintained by the CTRC but that have been accepted as validated are listed below.

There is no need to attach a study instrument/tool to the eIRB system if it is included in the listing on this page.

Instrument Version Abbreviation
Aberrant Behavior Checklist, Version 2 ABC-2 website ABC-2
Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment ASEBA website ASEBA
Child Behavior Checklist CBCL Ages 1½ - 5 and CBCL Ages 6 - 18 CBCL
  ASEBA Caregiver-Teacher Report 1.5-5 yrs CTR
  ASEBA Child Behavior Checklist 1.5-5 yrs CBCL
  ASEBA Child Behavior Checklist 4-18 yrs CBCL
  ASEBA Child Behavior Checklist 6-18 yrs CBCL
  ASEBA Teacher Report Form 6-18 yrs TR  
  ASEBA Youth Self-Report 11-18 yrs YSR  
Adaptive Behavior Assessment System-II   ABAS-II
  ABAS-II Parent Form 0-5 yrs  
  ABAS-II Parent Form 5-21 yrs  
  ABAS-II Parent Form 16-89 yrs  
  ABAS-II Teacher/Daycare Provider Form 2-5 yrs  
  ABAS-II Teacher Form 5-21 yrs  
Adaptive Behavior Scale - School, 2nd Edition   ABS-S:2
  Examination Booklet  
  Profile/Summary Form  
Ages and Stages Questionnaire   ASQ
Animal Naming Forms    
Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised WPS edition ADI-R
Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule   ADOS
Autism Observation Scale for Infants   AOSI
Behavior Assessment System for Children, Third Edition BASC-3 website BASC-3
Bayley Scale of Infant Development-II   BSID-II
  BSID-II Mental Scale Record Form  
  BSID-II Motor Scale Record Form  
  BSID-II Behavior Scale Record Form  
Bayley Scale of Infant Development-III   BSID-III
  BSID-III Record Form  
  BSID-III Caregiver Report  
  BSID-III Social-Emot Adapt Bx Questionnaire  
  Bayley Scale of Infant Development-III Screening Test  
  BSID-III Screening Form  
Beck Depression Inventory-II   BDI-II
Beery-Buktenica Dev. Test of Visual-Motor Integration-IV   VMI
Beery-Buktenica Dev. Test of Visual-Motor Integration-V   VMI
Beery VMI-V 2-18 yrs (Full Form) Beery VMI-V 2-18 yrs (Full Form) VMI-FF
Beery VMI-V 2-7 yrs (Short Form) Beery VMI-V 2-7 yrs (Short Form) VMI-SF
Beery VMI-V Visual Perception 2-18 yrs Beery VMI-V Visual Perception 2-18 yrs VMI-VP
Beery VMI-V Motor Coordination 2-18 yrs Beery VMI-V Motor Coordination 2-18 yrs VMI-MC
Behavior Assessment System for Children   BASC
  Parent Rating Scales 2.5-5 PRS-P
  Parent Rating Scales 2.5-5 Computer Entry Form PRS-P
  Parent Rating Scales 4-5 PRS-P
  Parent Rating Scales 6-11 Computer Entry Form PRS-C
  Parent Rating Scales 6-11 PRS-C
  Parent Rating Scales 12-18 Computer Entry Form PRS-A
  Self-Report 8-11 Computer Entry Forms SRP-C
Behavior Assessment System for Children-2   BASC-2
  Structured Developmental History SDH
  Teacher Rating Scales - Preschool 2-5 TRS-P
  Teacher Rating Scales - Child 6-11 TRS-C
  Teacher Rating Scales - Adolescent 12-21 TRS-A
  Parent Rating Scales - Preschool 2-5 PRS-P
  Parent Rating Scales - Child 6-11 PRS-C
  Parent Rating Scales - Adolescent 12-21 PRS-A
  Self-Report of Personality Interview - Ages 6-7 SRP-I
  Self-Report of Personality - Child 8-11 SRP-C
  Self-Report of Personality - Adolescent 12-21 SRP-A
  Self-Report of Personality - College 18-25 SRP-COL
  Parent Feedback Report - Teacher Rating Scales  
  Parent Feedback Report - Parent Rating Scales  
  Parent Feedback Report - Self-Report of Personality  
  Student Observation System SOS
Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function BRIEF
  BRIEF-A Informant Report BRIEF-A
  BRIEF-A Self-Report Form BRIEF-A
  BRIEF Parent Form BRIEF
  BRIEF Teacher Form BRIEF
  BRIEF-P Preschool Version BRIEF-P
Benton Test of Facial Recognition    
Bracken Basic Concept Scale-R Record Forms   BRACKEN-R
  Record Forms  
Brief Visuospatial Memory Test-Revised   BVMT-R
Benton Visual Retention Test   B-VR
Brief Symptom Inventory   BSI
Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire   BAPQ
Buschke Selective Reminding Test   SRT
  SRT Form 1 5-8  
  SRT Form 2 5-8  
  SRT Form 1 9-12  
  SRT Form 2 9-12  
  SRT Form 2 13+  
Instrument Version Abbreviation
California Verbal Learning Test-II   CVLT-II
  CVLT-II Standard Form  
  CVLT-II Short Form  
  CVLT-II Alternate Form  
California Verbal Learning Test-Children's Version   CVLT-C
California Verbal Learning Test-Children's Version   CVLT-C
Comprehensive Assessment of Spoken Language   CASL
Child and Adolescent Symptom Inventory - 4   CASI-4R
Child Behavior Checklist 6 -18 yrs   CBC
Child Health Questionnaire   CHQ
  Parent Report Form CHQ-PF50  
Children's Communication Checklist 2nd Edition CCC-2
Children's Depression Inventory   CDI
Children's Development Inventory   CDevI
  CDevI Parent Booklets  
  CDevI Answer Sheets  
  CDevI Profile Forms  
Children's Memory Scale   CMS
  CMS 5-8 yrs  
  CMS 9-16 yrs  
Children's Inventory for Psychiatric Syndromes   ChIPS
  ChIPS Report Form  
  ChIPS Profile Form  
Clinical Evalution of Language Fundamentals (3rd/4th Edition)   CELF 3 or 4
Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales Developmental Profile   CSBS-DP
Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale   C-SSRS
  C-SSRS Baseline  
  C-SSRS Since Last Visit  
Conners Continuous Performance Test-II   CPT-II
Conners Parent Rating Scale-Revised (S)   Conners
Conners Abbreviated Symptom Questionnaire   Conners Abbrev.
Controlled Oral Word Association   COWA
Coping Questionnaire   CQ-C/P
Cystic Fibrosis Questionaire-Revised   CFQ-R
  CFQ-R 12 - 13 years  
  CFQ-R 14 - Adult  
Developmental Behavior Checklist revised 2002   DBC-P
Differential Abilities Scale   DAS
  Preschool Record Form  
  School-Age Record Form  
Differential Abilities Scale-II   DAS-2
  School-Age Record Form  
  Speed of Information Processing Response Booklet A  
  Speed of Information Processing Response Booklet B  
  Speed of Information Processing Response Booklet C  
Delis-Kaplan Executeive Function System   D-KEFS
  D-KEFS Alternate Record Form  
  D-KEFS Standard Record Form  
  D-KEFS Color-Word Inference Test  
  D-KEFS Design Fluency Test  
  D-KEFS Tower Test Record Form  
  D-KEFS Trail MakingTest Visual Scanning  
  D-KEFS Trail MakingTest Number Sequencing  
  D-KEFS Trail MakingTest Letter Sequencing  
  D-KEFS Trail MakingTest Number Letter Switching  
  D-KEFS Trail MakingTest Motor Speed  
Early Development Questionnaire   EDQ
Edinburgh Handedness Inventory   Edinburgh
Epworth Sleepiness Scale modified Epworth
Euro-QoL 3-level   EQ-5D-3L
Expressive Vocabulary Test Record Form   EVT
Finger Localization Record Form  
Grooved Pegboard   GV'D PGBD
Instrument Version Abbreviation
Handedness   HAND'DNS
  HAND'DNS Form 1-2:11  
  HAND'DNS Form 3-4:5  
Hollingshead Socioeconomic Form   Hollingshead
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised   HVLT-R
  Form 1  
  Form 2  
  Form 3  
  Form 4  
  Form 5  
  Form 6  
Infant Behavior Questionnaire   IBQ
Judgment of Line Orientation   JLO
  Form A  
  Form H  
Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test, Second Edition KBIT-2 website KBIT-2
Keymath Keymath  
Kiddie Continuous Performance Test   KCPT
MacArthur-Bates Communicative Dev. Invent: Words & Sentences    
MINI International Psychiatric Interview M.I.N.I. version 7.0 M.I.N.I.
Mullen Scales of Early Learning   MULLEN
Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children, 2nd Edition MASC-2 website MASC-2
2009 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2009 YRBS
Negative Affectivity Self-Statement Questionnaire   NASSQ
  NEPSY 3-4 Record Form  
  NEPSY 5-12 Record Form  
  NEPSY 5-12 Response Booklet 5-12  
NEPSY-II Second Edition   NEPSY-II
  NEPSY-II 3-4 Record Form  
  NEPSY-II 3-4 Response Booklet  
  NEPSY-II 5-16 Record Form  
  NEPSY-II 5-16 Response Booklet  
Instrument Version Abbreviation
Parent Version-Children's Inventory for Psychiatric Syndromes   P-ChIPS
Parenting Stress Index   PSI
Paced Auditory Serial Addition Test   PASAT
Peabody Developmental Motor Scales 2nd Edition PDMS-2
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test IIIA   PPVT-IIIA
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test IIIB   PPVT-IIIB
Pediatric Behavior Rating Scale 2008   PBRS
Pediatric Health Questionnaire    
Pediatric Health Questionnaire Follow-up    
Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Version 6: October 2010 PedsQL
  PedsQL Neuromuscular Modules  
Note: all versions of the PedsQL are considered validated    
Personal Census Data Form   PER-CEN
Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales   PKBS
Preschool Language Scale-3   PLS-3
Purdue Pegboard   PEGBOARD
Rapid Assessment of Adult Literacy in Medicine, Revised   REALM-R
Rey Complex Figure Test & Recognition Trial Test Booklet   RCFT
  Record Form  
Instrument Version Abbreviation
Screen for Child Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED)   SCARED
  SCARED Child Self-Report Version  
  SCARED Child Parent Version  
Sensory Profile    
  Sensory Profile Caregiver Questionnaire  
  Sensory Profile Adolescent/Adult  
Short Form Health Survey    
  Short Form (36) Health Survey v2 SF-36
  Short Form (12) Health Survey SF-12
Social Communication Questionnaire   SCQ
Social Responsiveness Scale, Second Edition SRS-2 website SRS-2
Social Skills Rating System   SSRS
Social Responsiveness Scale   SRS
State-Trait AnxietyInventory for Children   STAIC
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale - Fourth Edition SBIS-IV
Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale - Fifth Edition   SBIS-V
Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire 2001   SDQ
Stress Index for Parents of Adolescents   SIPA
Stroop Color and Word Test-Adult Version   STROOP
Symbol Digit Modalities Test   SDMT
Test of Early Language Development-III-Owned by study 1912   TELD-III
  TELD-III Form A  
  TELD-III Form B  
Test of Everyday Attention for Children T.O.V.A. website T.O.V.A.
Test of Variables of Attention   TEA-CH
Theory of Mind Inventory   ToMI
Tower of London-Drexler University   TOL-DX
  TOL-DX Child 7-15 yrs  
  TOL-DX Child 16+ yrs  
Trail Making-Short Form  
  Part A  
  Part B  
Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire TSQM 1.4 TSQM
Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test   UNIT
Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales Vineland  
  Interview Edition Survey Form  
Instrument Version Abbreviation
Wechsler Adlt Intelligence Scale-III   WAIS-III
  WAIS-III Record Form  
  WAIS-III Response Form  
Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence   WASI
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test   WIAT
  WIAT Record Form  
  WIAT Response Form  
  WIAT Screener Record Form  
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-II   WIAT-II
  WIAT-II Record Form  
  WIAT-II Response Form  
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III   WISC-III
  WISC-III Record Form  
  WISC-III Symbol Search Response Booklet  
  WISC-III Maze Response Booklet  
Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV   WISC-IV
  WISC-IV Record Form  
  WISC-IV Response Form 1  
  WISC-IV Response Form 2  
Wechsler Memory Scale-III   WMS-III
Wechsler Memory Scale-IV   WMS-IV
  WMS-IV Adult Battery (Ages 16-69) Record Form  
  WMS-IV Older Adult Battery (Ages 65-90) Record Form  
  WMS-IV Response Booklet  
Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence-R   WPPSI-R
  WPPSI Record Form  
  WPPSI Mazes Booklet  
  WPPSI Geometric Design Sheets  
Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence-III   WPPSI-III
  WPPSI Record Form 2.6-3.11  
  WPPSI Record Form 4.0-7.3  
  WPPSI Response Booklet  
Wide Range Achievement of Memory and Learning   WRAML
  WRAML Examiner Form  
  WRAML Picture & Memory Response Form  
Wide Range Achievement of Memory and Learning-2   WRAML2
  WRAML2 Examiner Form
Wide Range Achievement Test 3   WRAT3
  Blue Test Form  
  Tan Test Form  
  Profile/Analysis Form  
Wide Range Achievement Test 4   WRAT4
  Blue Test Form  
  Blue Response Form  
  Green Test Form  
  Green Response Form  
Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test-III   WJ-C-III
  Audio Recording for Forms A&B  
  Test Record (Std & Extended Batteries-Form A)  
  Subject Response Booklet  
Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test-III   WJ-A-III
  Audio Recording for Forms A&B  
  Test Record (Std & Extended Batteries)  
  Subject Response Booklet  
Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test-R   WJ-A-R
  WJ-A-R Test Record-Form A  
  WJ-A-R Subject Response Booklet-Form A  
Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test-R   WJ-C-R
  WJ-C-R Test Record