How to Use this Website

The CHOP IRB website includes pages that discuss common topics that relate to human subjects research and to the protection of human research subjects. There are also Forms and Templates FAQs, links to federal regulations and guidance documents, and other resources.

This website is a work in progress. We continually identify additional topics that we should cover and areas where we need to expand or update information. At the bottom of this page is information about how to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Structure of this website

IRB website Home page
  • Home

    The Home menu includes information about the CHOP IRB's FWA, training requirements for CHOP investigators and a link to the CHOP Parent's Guide to Research

  • Help!

    The Help! section includes the majority of the website content. It includes information about investigator responsibilities, what must be reviewed by the IRB, preparing a submission to the IRB, the criteria used by the IRB to determine whether or not a study is approvable, IRB communications during the approval period, special topics, HIPAA and research, and information regarding IRB Reliance Agreements.

  • Forms & Templates

    The pages in this section include templates for consent forms, short form consent documents, protocol templates, IRB reliance agreements and other supplementary forms and templates.

  • FAQs

    Many Help! pages include frequently asked questions. All of the FAQs are amalgamated under this menu to make access easier.

  • Policies

    This page includes the complete set of CHOP IRB SOPs and includes links to other relevant CHOP policies. The latter can only be accessed from within the CHOP firewall.

  • Regulations & Resources:

    This page provides links to federal regulations and guidance documents, especially relevant ICH guidance documents and a variety of other external resources.

  • Contact Us:

    The CHOP IRB leadership information is included as well as a form to request information, post comments or email questions.

  • IRB Intranet

    This link will redirect to the CHOP IRB's intranet site. The CHOP intranet contains information that is pertinent to CHOP staff and is only accessible from inside the CHOP firewall.

  • Search

    The search box will only search the content of this website and should provide an easy way to find content and answers to specific questions.

Send Us Your Suggestions

Help us grow. The IRB is interested in adding and revising the information on our website to meet the needs of the research community. If you have suggestions for a topic that you'd like covered, submit your ideas and we'll work on it. If you have suggested content, send us a text file or MS Word document and we will consider adding it to the site. Contact the IRB

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